Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Arthur Clocksin

To the Editor:
In the Word for Word column in the May 3 edition of The Standard, Pastor Laura Gentry talks about how it is growing season, both in our gardens and in our spiritual lives. She discusses the deep concept of how to grow spiritually by mentioning four simple steps: dive into the word, sing the songs, live the life, and tell the story.

Sometimes we tend to make our spiritual journey too complicated as we seek to draw nearer to God. We can put the burden on ourselves and be bound down by legalism, or in our self-righteousness we can cause others to feel bad about themselves.

Religious people have been heard to say, “I don’t smoke, drink, chew, or go with those who do.” That is fine for those who have conquered such habits, but what about those who are still bound by these habits; how does such a self-righteous comment make those people feel?

As we as a nation feel the glorious rippling effects of the religious revivals happening at Asbury College and elsewhere, we are encouraged to grow in our spiritual lives as we seek after God. Pastor Gentry has helped to unpackage and sort through some important - although sometimes elusive - spiritual concepts. Now we can more effectively hunger after our own spiritual growth.

Arthur Clocksin