Letter to the Editor: Submitted by David Jacobson

To the Editor:

Trump and his supporters in attendance exhibited a new low at the New Hampshire town hall telecast by CNN this past week.  Trump was found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation by a New York district judge and jury of his peers, per the requirements of the U.S. Constitution. Trump lied to millions of people on the telecast stating he didn’t know E. Jean Carroll, called her a “wack job”, the verdict a disgrace and a continuing “witch hunt”.

Previously, Trump told reporters on a golf course in Ireland he had to leave early to confront Ms. Carroll at the trial. The judge contacted Trump and gave him two additional days to decide about testifying in the trial before closing arguments after he heard his comments. As usual, Trump boasted and lied about what actually happened in public where he is protected from telling the truth. When it came time to testify under oath and in a setting where his lies have no substance, he ran from the truth to not be held accountable for what he said.

The laughs, applause and cheering by the New Hampshire crowd is a perfect example of where the Republican Party has slumped to. It is not the same Republican Party many of your grandparents and parents supported. It is unable to compromise with the other side of the political aisle for the good of America. It now lacks the principles, character and integrity it once represented and has replaced these values with conspiracy theories, lies and extreme agendas.

It proudly accepts the support of racists, white supremacists and authoritarian leaders in hopes of getting what they want over the wishes of the majority of all Americans. Do you support a Republican Party that broadcasts its platform through a TV network and ex-leading commentator found guilty of broadcasting lies, repeating unfounded election claims and total support of Trump?

Would you want your granddaughter, daughter, niece, cousin, neighbor or anyone to go through the experience E. Jean Carroll did? Would you stand by your loved one’s word or a man proclaiming innocence that refuses to testify in a court of law? Would you trust a judicial system that has worked for hundreds of years? Would you agree with the verdict or accept the lies of a man that is unable to tell the truth? Are you an American that looks the other way and is willing to accept this type of behavior from an elected official or are you an American that stands on the right side of justice and says “no” to this behavior?

Where do all of our state senators and representatives and Iowa GOP leader Jeff Kaufman stand on this:  Reynolds, Grassley, Ernst, Hinson, Miller-Meeks, Feenstra, Nunn, Klimesh, Osmundson, etc.? They have no trouble commenting on conspiracy theories and issues facing Democrats but have strangely remained silent on Trump? Why no public statement on Trump’s verdict in New York?

Are you an evangelical/Christian that supports a man that in 2015 said he is 100% pro-choice or a man that now says his flavor of the month is mostly pro-life? 1 Corinthians 15:33 says: “Do not be deceived:  Bad company corrupts good morals.” King David when he ruled over Israel said, “Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save.” It appears too many Christians have put their faith in a man with few values, little character and no integrity. Is this the man you want the next generation of Americans seeing as their role model? America can and must do better!

David Jacobson