Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Jim Magner

To the Editor:

The saying “old is often considered obsolete” bears little fruit and is not only costly to the environment but also to the taxpayer. A prime example of contradicting that saying was an excellent event and showcase of young people in action in the production of the classic musical “Grease” held in the old Waterville High School gym a couple weekends ago.

It not only was entertaining with great, enthusiastic energy and drive, but it was performed under the same roof as the famed Waterville High School girls basketball team played under 60-70 years ago. This was an excellent example of how repurposing is supposed to work.

The old Waterville School District, the mayor, the city council and involved area residents should all be commended and applauded for their work and foresight in preserving and repurposing such a fine, solid rural facility. This may well be another hidden gem in the driftless area of tourist attractions.

Who says one needs to live by a waterway to be a drive-to destination?

Look at the fine eating establishments Waukon now has. Patronize them.

Thank you to “Grease,” Adam and Wolfpack Theater Co.

Jim Magner
Member of the
Allamakee County
Preservation Commission