Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Edie Ehlert

To the Editor:

According to the Midwest Farm Report of May 31, 2023, “Iowa State University economists estimate pork producers lost $49.47 per market hog sold in April, making it the sixth consecutive month of losses. Market hog prices are at their lowest level since January 2021.”

Farm markets do fluctuate. U.S. hog producers were hoping for large pork exports to China, but this is unlikely to happen since China now plans to prioritize their own pork production within their country.

Add to this concerns about hog diseases that can wipe out an entire livestock facility, and industrial-size hog production is becoming a more dangerous proposition. Is it wise for farmers to seek risky financial expansions into the CAFO industrial model at this time?

Considering that our rugged terrain here in the Driftless region involves driving liquid hog manure on twisty, fragile roads, spreading the manure near our streams and rivers, and endangering underground aquifers, this is a questionable move.

Regenerative agriculture and rotational grazing are proving to be the most sustainable and valuable use of farmland while improving water quality and general quality of life in the Driftless region.

Respectfully submitted,
Edie Ehlert
Ferryville, WI