Integrated Crop Management News offers timely solutions

Crop producers and the crop industry can get timely updates on growing-season challenges by subscribing to Integrated Crop Management News, a web service offered by the crops team with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

A team of agronomists, plant pathologists, entomologists, weather experts and others collaborate to write timely articles and blogs that are posted to the ICM News website and emailed directly to subscribers.

The information addresses everything from pre-plant to planting concerns, growing season issues, harvest and reflections on the past growing season. Articles are timely and address real-time concerns growers are experiencing.

Anyone who wants to subscribe to the web service can enter their email, on the right side of the ICM News website:

The same website that hosts ICM News and blogs also hosts news releases and industry-specific information related to crops, soils, upcoming events and more. One part of the website, called the “Encyclopedia,” provides an encyclopedic explanation of common crop issues, A through Z.

While the primary goal is to inform producers and the industry, Hodgson said the content on the web service also sparks ideas for media and education. For more information about ICM News or related content, Hodgson can be reached by phone at 515-294-2847 or by email at