Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Osmund (Ozzie) Quandahl

To the Editor:

First, let’s get this straight; I believe Our Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior and Savior of the world. I also believe the Devil is alive and well, and he tempts everyone - clergy, teachers, bankers, farmers, you name it. The Devil has taken a very strong hold in the U.S.A. Church attendance is down.

Sunday morning should belong to the Lord, not an option - a must, period.

Now, let’s track down the many things the Devil has promoted. In the 1960s, the Clergy was forbid from being involved in politics or they would lose the tax exemption. Then they removed the Bible and everything Christian from our schools. The Devil walked in and took over the Department of Education and they indoctrinate instead of educate; I guess they called it Sex Ed.

Then they established what they called Planned Parenthood and built 105 buildings and gave them $500,000 to run the God-forsaken places. No country that kills babies by the millions will ever be great. It’s horrifying.

They promote defunding the police and military. Our bigger, beautiful cities are war zones. What do you think about how our political system has been weaponized? We are like a third world country. The U.S. public has lost all faith in the FBI, DOJ, CIA and the Department of Education; a bunch of crooks who are running the country. The good Democrats are leaving the party like rats leaving a sinking ship. This could go on, but this is enough.

Father Burk of La Crosse wrote an editorial in the La Crosse paper and said Nancy Pelosi and Harkin should not be allowed to receive the Church Sacraments because they support Planned Parenthood. I think he was right, period.

Now, consider all the before-mentioned which I say is Devil inspired, certainly not God inspired, and the Democratic Party has supported it all. I say you can’t be a Christian if you voted Democrat, period. Maybe an uninformed or unintelligent Christian would vote for this mess. Do those Christians get to Heaven?

Congratulations to Allamakee County and the state of Iowa for great support of Trump.

Kindest Regards & God Bless,

Osmund (Ozzie) Quandahl