Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Karen Pratte

To the Editor:

Most people in America value democracy and believe our government should work for everyday people, treat everyone fairly, provide opportunities, and help our seniors. When running for re-election, Ashley Hinson claimed to share these values. But, Hinson’s votes for Rep. Jim Jordan to be the next Speaker of the House reveals she does not support those values.

Jordan, a poster boy for MAGA Extremism, played a role in attempting to overturn the 2020 election with the fake elector scheme. Like other MAGA Extremists, Jordan rules by force and intimidation. A past Speaker of the House (Boehner) called Jordan a “legislative terrorist.”

Since winning the House, MAGA Republicans have shown they are incompetent at governing. Hinson bemoans Washington is broken and dysfunctional yet refuses to acknowledge that her Republican Party is in charge and bears the blame and responsibility.

So, who is the real Ashley Hinson? Hinson votes for anti-democratic MAGA Extremist Jim Jordan who attempted to overthrow democracy. Hinson votes to hand the wealthiest billionaires, donors and corporations huge tax breaks. Like Jordan and MAGA Extremists, Hinson rejects women’s Reproductive Freedom.

When Representative Hinson shows you who she is, believe her.

If you want government to work for working people, you have the power to change who represents you.  In 2024, vote for the person who believes in democracy, your freedom, and your family’s future.

Karen Pratte