Waterville’s Loren Mitchell honored as a Wisconsin Star of Life by the PAAW for his service with Tri-State Ambulance

Honored with Star of Life Award ... Loren Mitchell and his wife, Ashley, of Waterville stand in front of the display congratulating him as a Wisconsin Star of Life Award recipient at the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin (PAAW) dinner banquet held October 10 in Madison, WI. Loren was nominated for the award by Tri-State Ambulance out of the La Crosse, WI area, where he has worked for nearly a dozen years and currently serves as a Corporal within its EMS ranks. Both Loren and Ashley serve as volunteer members of Waterville Emergency Medical Services (EMS), where Loren further serves as Vice President, in addition to serving as Chief of the Waterville Fire Department. Submitted photo.

Loren Mitchell of Waterville was recently honored among his Emergency Medical Service (EMS) peers when he was one of 28 EMS personnel recognized as a Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin (PAAW) Star of Life for 2023 at an October 10 dinner banquet held in Madison, WI.

Modeled after the American Ambulance Association’s National Stars of Life program, and now in its 12th year, Wisconsin Stars of Life are nominated by their local ambulance service to honor the dedication and commitment of those who show up for their communities. Mitchell has been working for the La Crosse, WI area Gundersen Tri-State Ambulance Service for nearly a dozen years, where he currently serves in the role of Corporal.

Nominated for the award by his supervisors and co-workers, Tri-State Ambulance submitted the following information regarding Mitchell for the October 10 banquet:

Loren has been a paramedic with Tri-State Ambulance for over ten years. Within that time, Loren has dedicated his time and efforts to become a preceptor, field training officer, and Corporal. His dedication, clinical expertise, and compassionate care have set a remarkable standard within Tri-State Ambulance.

Loren consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to saving lives and providing top-notch medical care. His ability to remain calm under pressure is truly commendable, inspiring confidence in patients and colleagues alike.

Loren’s laughter and sense of humor brightens up the dullest moments. He fills the room with joy and positivity, making everyone feel at ease. He is a practical thinker and goes out of his way to make new employees feel welcome.

With Loren on the team, every patient receives not only the best medical attention but also a compassionate touch that alleviates fear and anxiety. His exceptional communication skills create a bridge between patients, families, and the medical team, fostering a positive and reassuring environment.

Loren also shows remarkable leadership qualities. He readily shares his knowledge and experience with fellow paramedics and EMTs, enhancing the overall competency of the team. His dedication to ongoing education and training is evident in his consistently outstanding performance. His presence elevates our team and exemplifies the highest standards of paramedic practice.

In recognition of his tireless efforts, exemplary patient care, and unwavering commitment to the field of paramedicine, it is an honor to have Loren represent Tri-State Ambulance as the 2023 Star of Life recipient.

At the October 10 PAAW event, Mitchell received a medal and certificate. He will next travel to Washington, DC in November for a national Star of Life celebration.

In addition to his Star of Life honoring, Mitchell was also featured in the La Crosse, WI’s WKBT television station’s Hometown Heroes segment in August of this year. A link to that story and video can be found on the NEWS8000.com website at https://www.news8000.com/sponsor/hometown-heroes/augusts-hometown-hero-l....

Mitchell and his wife, Ashley, both serve as volunteer members of Waterville Emergency Medical Services (EMS), where Loren further serves as Vice President. He also serves as Chief of the Waterville Fire Department.