Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Deb Kiley

To the Editor:

I would like to address Ms. Pratte’s letter from the October 25 newspaper. Ms. Pratte used the term “MAGA extremist/Republican” five times, and “terrorist” once, referring to the Republican party. I’m wondering about all of the rioting, BLM, police defunding, abortion on demand (babies are flooding Heaven), attacks on lawmakers, etc. Are these not “extreme”? Could I then say the Democrats are “Extremists”? Are you lumped in with all of them? Should we all be lumped into one extreme or the other?

This is what divides our country: name calling, blaming, pointing fingers. Who is right and who is wrong? Surely it is only one way or the other, right? Hmm.

We all have our own beliefs about issues that are dividing our country. That is democracy. Not who is right and who is wrong. That can never be resolved. Unless... we come together to discuss those issues rationally and respectfully. Just looking at the news, you see rage, hatred, greed and control. I respectfully think this all came about because we have turned our eyes off of God and onto the government and fallible people.

My beliefs are based on God’s Word. We are created (not born) equal. We are one race with one God as our King and Ruler. The power over our nation is God, not government. And I respectfully believe God is calling his people to return to Him, to wake up and spread His love and His light.

United we stand and divided we fall. We are a people divided, and we are falling. We are looking to each other for all of the problem solving, all of the control, and have stopped looking up. Let’s look up, be kind to one another in our beliefs, and bring God and unity back to our beloved country.

What we do, what we say, how we act is being watched by our children and grandchildren. What kind of coping skills do we want to leave them with?

In the end, we will all be voting for our own beliefs.  My beliefs are based on my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, and that is the standard by which I will vote.

Be humble. Be kind. Be God’s light.


Deb Kiley