Allamakee County Veterans Museum has variety of video interviews of local veterans available for viewing, many other resources for the public to utilize

Program room available for public use ... The program room at the Allamakee County Veterans Museum in Waukon offers the public the opportunity to view the museum’s collection of 18 video interviews of area military veterans. In addition to the video interviews and the numerous displays throughout the museum, the facility also has a library of other resources and the program room can be used by the general public. Submitted photo.

The mission of the Allamakee County Veterans Museum is to preserve the history and service of local veterans. A key part of that mission is the museum’s video Veterans History Project. Currently, the museum’s library of video interviews includes 18 videos (listed further below in this article) with veterans who served in  World War II, Korean  Conflict, Vietnam Conflict, and career service.

Many of these videos have already been presented at public programs in the museum at 105 Allamakee Street in Waukon during the last two years. The videos are also available for the public to watch upon request while visiting the museum at any time the museum is open to the public.

For the winter of 2023-2024, regular open hours are Fridays from noon to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. In addition to those times, the museum will be open by appointment to all community groups, school groups, veterans groups, family groups, etc., upon request for tours and/or a video presentation. Contact staff at the museum or by phone at 563-568-2954.

Most of the WWII interviews were conducted at the Historical Museum in Waukon in 2006 by an historian for the Five Sullivans Museum in Waterloo. The more recent ones were interviewed by Waukon’s Chuck Bloxham at the KNEI studios in Waukon. Bloxham remains available to conduct more interviews with interested veterans from all eras. Contact the museum if a veteran is interested in being interviewed.

The museum also has many other resources available for public use, including a library of books and videos on military service subjects. The Veterans Museum is part of the Allamakee County Historical Society, which cooperates with the Veterans Museum in preserving historical records and documents about the service of area veterans.

The Genealogy Facility maintained by the Historical Society has been relocated to the basement of the Veterans Museum and is available to the public. The Genealogy Facility is open Thursdays and Fridays during the 2023-2024 winter season and can be contacted by phone at 563-568-2954.

Veterans Museum staff are available to present programs of interest for community groups on request.  Monthly programs will continue to be offered throughout each year. There is no admission charge to attend programs or tour the Veterans Museum. The program room is also available for use without charge by community groups for special meetings or events.

1941 to 1945

CARL BEALL - U.S. Army, European Theater, Mechanic/Driver, Armored Unit
JAMES BRISTOL - U.S. Army Air Corps, Pacific Theater, Navigator B-29 Bomber
KENNETH BRANDT - U.S. Army, European Theater, Tank Commander
MARVIN CHEVALIER - U.S. Army, European Theater, Artillery Observer, POW Germany
OLIVER EMERSON - U.S. Army Air Corps, European & Pacific Theater, Bomber Navigator
HAROLD EVANS - U.S. Army, North Africa & Italy, Maintenance, Ordinance Unit
HARRIET HANSON - U.S. Navy Medical Corps, Stateside, Nurse
LYNN MORROW - U.S. Army, European Theater, Armored Infantry, POW Germany
BEN QUILLIN - U.S. Army, Texas, Medical Corps
CALVIN SNITKER - U.S. Navy, Pacific Theater, Storekeeper on island bases

1950 TO 1953

RUPERT CABALLERO - U.S. Marine Corps, Infantry in Korea
HAYDEN FRY - U.S. Marine Corps, Japan, also coached football for military teams
BILL SCHNEEBERGER - U.S. Army Signal Corps, White Sands Proving Ground NM, Electrician

1961 TO 1975

CARL T. JOHNSON - U.S. Army, Infantry in Vietnam, Tet Offensive   
CARL T. JOHNSON - U.S. Army, Infantry in Vietnam, Tunnel Rat
DR. KENNETH OLSON - U.S. Navy Medical Corps, Atlantic & Mediterranean, Submarine Service
RON STEEGE - U.S. Marine Corps, Infantry in Vietnam, Recon Unit
CHERYL WHITE - U.S. Air Force, Medical Corps, Career Nurse, Cam Rahn Bay Hospital

BETH SHAFER - U.S. Air Force, career pilot, C-130 Hercules transport, Air Force Academy grad