Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Lanny Fields

To the Editor:

“Thank you for your service” is spoken with heartfelt sincerity by Iowans. We honor those who serve and fought to protect us, freedom, liberty and democracy.

Finally, with the passage of the PACT Act last year, veterans are getting the care they deserve. The PACT Act was the biggest increase in veterans benefits in a generation expanding benefits and health care for those exposed to toxic substances during their military service. Surely, supporting our veterans is a commitment all Americans could unite around. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Newly-elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson voted against the PACT Act.  Ashley Hinson also voted against the PACT Act when it was introduced. Johnson looked first at dollars, not at the health of our heroes. Speaker Johnson is a far-right MAGA extremist Republican and every Republican in Congress voted for him, including Ashley Hinson.

Johnson is a reflection of MAGA Republicans’ beliefs and priorities. He has openly touted his intent to cut trillions from vital benefits affecting veterans, Social Security and Medicare recipients, and hardworking families.

As we celebrate our veterans November 11, thank veterans by supporting candidates who prioritize services and health care for veterans. Support candidates who share President Biden’s commitment to ending veteran homelessness, investing in mental health and suicide prevention, securing jobs for our veterans and supporting veterans’ caregivers. This is the most meaningful expression of our thanks and gratitude we can make.

Lanny Fields