St. Patrick students put learning into action to help others ...

Students in the fourth grade class taught by Mrs. Jennifer Benda at St. Patrick Elementary School in Waukon recently put their learning into action to try and help out a fellow student and her family. Thursday, October 26, the class sold hot chocolate during recess time and raised a total of $34, which they, in turn, donated to the family of Eliana Erb, a St. Patrick student who is currently undergoing medical treatment. The five girls pictured above took care of the sales during that October 26 recess, and the entire fourth grade class (pictured below) supported the project by donating supplies and making other contributions to the project.

Mrs. Benda explained that her class has been reading a variety of stories in their reading curriculum that focused on people starting businesses and how they could impact society. The stories included some where young students had started various businesses. “After reading everything and discussing the stories as a class, my students realized they could start something and raise money,” Mrs. Benda shared. “After some discussion my students decided they wanted to sell hot chocolate during their recess and donate the money to someone in need.”

Mrs. Benda said this is a project her class will conduct once a month throughout the school year, with plans to switch from hot chocolate to lemonade when the weather gets nicer. Each time they conduct the project, the class will choose a new person or project which they will donate their sale proceeds to. Submitted photos.