Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Pat Ward

To the Editor:

I read Deb Kiley’s letter. The slogan, MAGA, which means Make America Great Again, came from a campaign slogan. Make America Great Again consisted of thousands of members of the GOP, or the MAGA bunch, who stormed the U.S. Capitol causing death and destruction, even defecated in the Capitol during the destruction in an attempt to overthrow this United States of America’s government and a fair election, led by a wanna-be dictator or wanna-be king.

I believe she has failed to understand the true meaning of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s a good thing she believes in God but, to me, it does not mean that just because she believes in God that she’s right. I did fight for this country, see men die, wounded and lost fellow Marines, fighting the Communists so she could worship God.

As for Mr. Engle writing about the Biden family, not one little word about the Trump family and their MAGA millions income, legal and not so legal, so to me he’s MAGA. He surely knows, as do Iowa’s Grassley, Hinson and Ernst, who’s raking in the MAGA bucks, but they all are silent, scared to death, not a word. Grassley even made the statement he would put out documents about the Bidens for all to see and read. How honest is he?

As for Iowa’s Gov. Reynolds, what is she and the MAGAs doing to Iowa’s kids, stealing kids’ books from school libraries, that have been in Iowa schools, some for a hundred years, denying the kids all kinds of knowledge and reading skills about growing up to be good citizens. Hinson should know better, but she does not, as she has to read from her scripted notes. She lied to my face about a vote which I knew how she voted, and, in my opinion, that doesn’t say much for her.

Pat Ward