Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Russ Hagen

To the Editor:

Tonight just a few short days after Halloween, a sinister plant took hold in Waukon High spreading laughter, finger snapping doo wop, and outrageous stories to a lively crowd.

Gabe Goettel played the clueless conflicted plant grower Seymore spot on.  His commerce crazy boss, Mr. Mushnik, was well handled by Dekota Bechtel. Audrey came to life in Molly Peake’s squeaky sweet-understanding. Dentistry took a hit by the snarly, leather-jackety acting of Ryan Kolsrud.

Special props go to Annie Ellingson and Eireann Goettel singing the story with class, swing, and punch. Cameron Berges voiced the diabolical plant Audrey II that raised hairs all over the auditorium.

The director-Sarahs, Bieber and Hagen, are to be commended for pulling together a production that put together puppetry, dance, wide ranging vocals, and gritty scenery. A lively pit band under JoAnn Sherman kept the tempos and melodies moving and fun.

The Allamakee Community School Board and administration are to be commended for their support of this fine educational opportunity.

Russ Hagen