Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Ann Hart

To the Editor:

What does liberty mean to you? The dictionary definition of liberty is the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

I wonder if Moms For Liberty have ever read that definition, as their whole premise is that of oppression and restriction. They worked with Governor Reynolds and Iowa Republican legislators to restrict the books our children and youth may read in school. They were instrumental in passing laws last session that restrict the rights of LGBTQ youth and pointedly singled out transgender youth and their rights. Moms For Liberty aren’t really for liberty, they are for undermining public education and communities.

I am proud of Iowa voters for turning away extreme candidates in last month’s school board elections. It’s important that our public institutions, paid for by our tax dollars, work for all of us regardless of sex, race, income, or political beliefs. Public dollars are for public good.

But be ready, because Moms For Liberty won’t go away. Sure, they lost this round of school board candidates, but that was just a preview of more to come. Mike Klimesh and Anne Osmundson voted to ban books, voted to use public dollars to pay for private schools, and voted against LGBTQ rights.

What will Governor Reynolds, Moms For Liberty, Klimesh and Osmundson push on us in January when the legislature returns to session? We have heard they want to eliminate the Area Education Agencies that are so vital to provide special education and other services to our rural school districts.

We deserve better, we are taxpayers. Government should work for us, not against us.

Ann Hart