Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Carl Christianson

To the Editor:

The branches of our military have long proven that working together as a team results in positive outcomes. Our Legislators often refer to our Military as “America’s Finest!”

Perhaps our Legislators should glean lessons from “America’s Finest” and earn the same title. Of course, most of our Legislators have never been to “Boot Camp”, and Law School is not an equal substitute!

I saw an inscription on a monument regarding our Vietnam Veterans, and I quote:

“We were the best America had, Brothers who fought without America’s support, Brothers who returned without America’s Welcome, Brothers who will always be the best America had.”
End of quote.

In our future elections, let’s strive to give America our best government leaders so they can be referred to as America’s Finest Lawmakers who serve at the pleasure of and for the people!

Carl Christianson,