Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Gerald Piittmann

To the Editor:

Let’s shop local.

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Let’s help our local businesses. We are lucky we have several new businesses, as well as our older businesses.

How many businesses have you never been in? Find out all these new businesses have to offer. I personally have been very surprised at what they have.

How many have never been at the Green House? They have nice yard and garden items. Take a look.

Go to Steel Cow and see the jewelry items that Val sells with her cow paintings; earrings, necklaces, small paintings, etc. Former Waukon people would like local artist creations. Take a look.

How many women have never gone to Sweeney’s to look for gifts for husbands and children? Toys, kitchen items, boots, shirts, winter wear. You will be surprised.

Gift cards at grocery stores, beauty shops, nail decorating, restaurants, hardware stores. Look everywhere.

Adult coloring books for those in nursing homes, or tablets for them to write in about their lives. Happy shopping.

Gerald Piittmann