Man convicted of multiple theft charges from incidents in Waukon and Waterville last year sentenced to 15 years in prison

Dillon Heiller ...
Dillon Heiller ...

Dillon Michael Heiller, age 37 and listed as homeless in court documents, was sentenced in Allamakee County District Court Monday, January 22 for a series of crimes committed in the Allamakee County area within the past year. Heiller was sentenced to a total of 15 years in prison in conjunction with three different theft charges stemming from two separate incidents within the county in 2023.

Heiller was arrested in October 2023 in Waukon after officers responded to a call of a suspicious individual and vehicle in the 700 block of 1st Avenue SW in Waukon. He was pursued on foot to a garage behind a residence on West Main Street, where he was tasered and arrested on several charges that included Theft in the 2nd Degree, for which he received a sentence of five years in prison January 22.

Heiller’s sentencing also involved two more theft charges stemming from the June 2023 theft of multiple vehicles around the Waterville area in Allamakee County. Among those charges was one for Theft in the 1st Degree, for which he received a 10-year sentence January 22, and another for Theft in the 2nd Degree, for which he received another five-year sentence.

The 10-year and five-year sentences stemming from the June 2023 charges will run concurrently, meaning at the same time, but the five-year sentence for the October 2023 incident will have to be served after Heiller is released from his 10-year sentencing from the first case. The Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office was ordered to transport Heiller to the Iowa Medical and Classification Center at Oakdale to begin serving his sentences.