Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Arthur Clocksin

To the Editor:

I once had a colorful poster of a little bunny rabbit in a beautiful wooded area. On the poster was written the words, “Life is fragile; handle with prayer”.

Life is indeed fragile, and the daily news proves it. Even in our own town there is a murder, which follows another one not so many years back.

It is so easy to do great damage. A simple click of the trigger finger can end a precious life. An act of vandalism can destroy what had taken years to build. An unkind, angry word spoken to a child can damage the child’s psyche for the rest of his or her life.

In my recent past I had worked at two different factories. At each place of employment there was a man who took his own life. One was age 22 and the other middle-aged. I knew these men on a first-name basis. I can only trust that I did all I could to be a positive influence in their lives when I was with them.

As a Christian, as I start into this new year, I want to be a life giver, not a life taker. I have one prayer that overshadows all my other prayers: “Lord, please use me”. That is how I wish to begin my new year.

Arthur Clocksin