Picking up the spare: Ownership group of Grumpy’s Lanes donates usage fees of $2,500 back to Waukon High School bowling program

Prior to the start of the Waukon High School bowling team’s Tuesday, January 30 home dual match with Waterloo Columbus, recognition was given to the new ownership group of Grumpy’s Lanes for its latest act of generosity since becoming a recent member of the business and overall local community. That ownership group made the decision to donate back to the Waukon High School bowling program the $2,500 facility usage fee the program pays the bowling facility to use its lanes for its practices and home competitions.

In an informal recognition event prior to the start of that most recent Waukon home competition, Mike Keeran of that ownership group ceremoniously crossed out the name “Grumpy’s Lanes” in the “Pay To The Order Of” portion of the check symbolizing payment of that fee, and wrote in “Waukon Bowling,” commemorating that the $2,500 amount written on the check would be donated back to the high school bowling program (as pictured below). The Grumpy’s Lanes ownership group includes Mike and Samantha Keeran, Mike Nicolaus, Jason Dorman, and Scott and Lori Swinton, and the former Arrowhead Lanes on Rossville Road in Waukon officially opened to the public under that new ownership as Grumpy’s Lanes December 1 of this past year.

Living in Waverly, Keeran also has ownership partnerships in Grumpy’s Bar and Event Center in Readlyn and Grumpy’s West Union, and he says being involved and supporting the local community is important to him and his partners. “We just want to be a good, supportive partner with every community we are involved in,” Keeran said. “We want people to know that we are committed to being a part of this community, and this is just one way we can show that commitment. We know how difficult it can be for schools to sustain programs for their students, and we hope this gesture shows how committed we are to being a long-time partner with the Waukon bowling program, the school and the community.”

“I cannot give enough praises to the owners of Grumpy’s Lanes,” Waukon High School Activities Director Brian Hilsabeck said of the generosity shown by the Grumpy’s Lanes owners in not only the donating back of funds but in many other aspects that have helped the Waukon High School bowling program. “The work, sweat, money and dedication they put into the establishment to allow our students to participate and continue the program is greatly appreciated! Bowling is a different element with the school’s bowling program’s availability being tied to available lane usage, and they have shifted schedules around and worked tirelessly around the clock to make it happen for this season. The owners then, on top of all of that, are donating back the full season facility fee back to the school, which shows their positive dedication and commitment to do what’s best for the school and community, and to help to grow the bowling program. The school and community are very fortunate to have a great partnership with Grumpy’s Lanes and I hope we can all give back to them and continue this relationship for many years to come.”

Further evidence of that commitment to the communities they are located in include the donation of a portion of food purchase proceeds, recently to the Mathis family and currently to the Kasemeier family in response to recent tragedies experienced by each. “It’s really important to us to show our support for the people in the communities we are located in, especially when they need it most,” Keeran said. “We can’t thank the community enough for how much they’ve already supported us and our efforts here at Grumpy’s Lanes.”