Two can tab drop-off locations currently available in Waukon for supporting Ronald McDonald House

Two locations in Waukon to drop off can tabs to benefit Ronald McDonald House ... Local residents have two locations in Waukon at which to drop off their beverage and canned food can tabs for the benefit of Ronald McDonald House and the families that organization serves. Pictured above in the photo at left, the Waukon Lions Club joined forces with Waukon Redemption Center recently to provide a can tab drop-off location inside the door of the Redemption Center on Main Street in Waukon, where (left to right in the photo above) Neal Daley of the Waukon Lions Club stands with Waukon Redemption Center owner Ben Larkin. Pictured in the photo below, Village Farm & Home and the Sweeney family continue to carry on the legacy of the late Matt Sweeney in collecting can tabs and also donating them to Ronald McDonald House, an act that Matt Sweeney prided himself on in wanting to help people in any way that he could. Pictured, left to right, are Matt’s brother Steve Sweeney, father Joe Sweeney, and sister Sarah Monroe at the Village Farm & Home location just south of Waukon with another tub full of tabs ready for donation in Matt’s honor. Submitted photos.

The community of Waukon now has two established locations for people to donate their can tabs (pull tabs) in efforts to help support Ronald McDonald House charities. Thanks to the organizational and supporting efforts of a local family, an organization and two businesses, anyone in the community can join in those efforts to help support a program that has helped and supported so many in times when that help and support is needed most.

The focus of the Ronald McDonald House programs is to offer a home away from home that provides comfort, support and resources to families who travel far from home for the medical care their child needs. With more than 380 Ronald McDonald House locations across the world, the support efforts locally are mainly focused on the Ronald McDonald House locations in Rochester, MN and in Iowa City.

The Waukon Lions Club has donated toys to the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City for the last few years. In an effort to broaden its support of the organization, the club began collecting can tabs about a year ago, with those proceeds also benefiting the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City. Now, Waukon Lions Club, in cooperation with Waukon Redemption Center, has recently created a donation site inside the door of the Redemption Center at its Main Street location.

“One of the emphases of Lions Club International is supporting efforts to fight childhood cancer, and giving to Ronald McDonald Houses is one way the Lions can help,” leaders of the Waukon Lions Club shared.

The Sweeney family and Village Farm and Home on the south end of Waukon have also been collecting can tabs in memory and honor of Matt Sweeney, carrying on a legacy of giving that he first began himself prior to his passing in July 2022 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Matt was very passionate about helping people in any way he could. The Ronald McDonald House was one of his generous ways of helping by donating can tabs and money. The Sweeney family takes its can tabs to the Rochester, MN Ronald McDonald House.

The Sweeney family has received many letters from the Ronald McDonald Houses telling them of the many donations made in honor of Matt. The family has also received letters from families that stayed at the Ronald McDonald Houses expressing their appreciation for being supporters.

Jodi Sweeney-Egeland has also sponsored Halloween treat bags given to the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City (250 bags in 2022 and 235 bags in 2023). The Sweeney family has made many trips to Rochester, MN hauling can tabs and will continue collecting with everyone’s help. As Matt Sweeney always said, “These small efforts can make a big impact.”

Can tabs, also known as pull tabs, can be found on many types of beverage cans and canned food containers, such as soup cans or canned fruits and vegetables. The can tabs have aluminum which is a valuable recyclable resource. Proceeds from the recycled aluminum go to support the Ronald McDonald Houses.