Trio of entries share the early lead after first week of The Standard’s Bracket Challenge

The 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship Tournament has gotten underway, holding its share of upsets and nail-biting finishes in its first two rounds played this past weekend. The Standard’s 2024 Bracket Challenge is also underway, featuring its own close results through those same first two rounds of play.

Following this past weekend’s trimming of the tournament field to its Sweet Sixteen teams, the top 35 Bracket Challenge entries currently stand as follows:
Darrel Wicks    51
Herbie Krambeer    51
Melissa Wicks    51
Hunter Hammel    50
Matt Welsh    50
Ronnie P. Herman    49
Darwin Johnson    49
Maria Miene    49
Lori Bahr-Stevenson    49
Mason McMillan    49
Steve Engrav    49
Bobby Schultz    49
Jon Herman    49
Dick Reinke    49
Devin Bieber    48
Caylie Adam    48
Gail Prestemon    48
Allie Bieber    48
Keira McCormick    47
Jarod Dahlstrom    47
Shannon Christianson    47
Lyssa Eiden    47
Scott Livingston    47
Greg Berns    47
Brock Hatlan    47
Dylan Bieber    47
Carol Johnson    46
Brooke Froman    46
Chad Curtin    46
Ken Krambeer    46
Troy Gress    46
Brittany Beneke    46
Jerrylyn Brinkman    46
Bryan Phipps    46
Gina Curtin    46

As one can see by this list, these 35 entries are separated only by five points from top to bottom, making a sudden change in this mix and the overall field of entries easily possible with the point totals for correct picks growing with each round of the Bracket Challenge. Of this year’s entries, 27% have chosen UConn to win this season’s National Championship, with Iowa State next in line at 13% and being the only two-seed to be chosen among the top five of this season’s tournament-winning picks. Additional number-one-seeds Houston (11%), Purdue (10%) and North Carolina (8%) round out those top five championship selections.

Much like the tournament itself, results for the Bracket Challenge can change quickly and drastically. Pick up next week’s copy of The Standard to see who takes the lead next in this season’s Bracket Challenge.