Kee High School Drama Department to perform “Robin Hood” this weekend ...

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Submitted image.

Kee High School’s Drama Department will be presenting “Robin Hood” by Tim Kelly this Saturday, April 6 at 7 p.m. and this Sunday, April 7 at 2 p.m. at the Kee High School gymnasium. Admission will be payable at the door. Pictured at right is a scene from a recent dress rehearsal for the production.
Members of the cast and crew for this production include the following:

Andrew Kolsrud - Robin Hood, Riley Troendle - Lady Merle, Cadan Evanson - Friar Tuck, Austin St. Mary - King Richard(Stranger)/Soldier Harlan, Brendan Croft - Little John, Holden Welsh - Sound Manager, Jack Schweitzer - Light Manager, Ashlyn Henkes - Maid Marian, Isabelle Hammel - Sarah the Sheriff’s Wife, Brendan Jones - Salome*/Merrymen, Zoey Timmerman - Mother Meg, Sawyer Gramlich - Will Scarlet, Sean Vega Lopez - Old Man George, Summer Walleser - Prop/Mic Manager, Gabe Mattson - Spot Light, Lily Howe - Prop Assistant, Isaiah Wagner - Sheriff of Nottingham, Justin Wagner - Soldier Jasper/Archer Kasper, Carter Verthein - Soldier Charles, Lilly Kolsrud - Stage Assistant, Zoey Heuer - Stage Assistant, Nyomi Jones - Annabel, Ashlyn Mohn - Beth, Regan Troendle - Back Stage Assistant/Rachel, Areona Claycomb - Back Stage Assistant/Armonie, Daniel Jones - Soldier Rancor, Alicia Colsch - Peasant Marg/Stage Manager, Tammy Manning - Director.

In this production, Robin Hood and his merrymen band together to stop the Sheriff of Nottingham and the ruthless Lady Merle from taking control and taxing the people. There is sword fighting, archery shooting, winning over the ladies and defending one’s honor, as well as the hope of defeating the villain.