Wagner announces candidacy for Allamakee County Sheriff

Paul Wagner ...
Paul Wagner ...

Paul Wagner of Waukon has announced that he is running for Allamakee County Sheriff as a Republican candidate. Wagner has been a life-long resident of Allamakee County, having grown up on a dairy and beef farm between Lansing and Harpers Ferry. He is the son of Ray and Bonnie Wagner, and is a 2003 graduate of Kee High School in Lansing.

He and his wife, Jessica, live in Waukon along with their four children, Kylie, Zach, Brias, and Vienna. They own Aztec Parlor in Waukon, which they opened in 2021.

Wagner has worked for the Waukon Police Department since 2007 after starting his law enforcement career in 2004 at the New Albin Police Department. He has nearly 20 years of full-time law enforcement experience, and he was also a part-time police officer for the Lansing Police Department and Postville Police Department during his career. Wagner graduated from Upper Iowa University in Fayette December 22, 2013, with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

“I am running for Allamakee County Sheriff because I see the need to make some critical changes  to enhance our county,” Wagner stated. “I will make the patrol function of the Sheriff’s Office a 24-hour service. Currently, deputies are on-call from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. This puts our communities at risk when seconds count. I will make this change within months of taking office at no increased cost to taxpayers.”

He says he will make mental health a primary focus by collaborating with community and regional stakeholders to keep the conversation at the forefront. He will also work to build a local peer support group that could be called upon to help a citizen in need, noting that sometimes just being able to talk to someone can make a huge impact.

“I will unify all law enforcement agencies in Allamakee County,” Wagner further shared. “It is critical that all law enforcement agencies collaborate and train together so that a consistent and well-articulated response can achieve the best outcome for everyone. I will ensure that all agencies work collectively to make decisions that affect all citizens.”

Pledging to work to strengthen school safety, Wagner says he is committed to fostering collaboration among law enforcement agencies, school administrators, and community stakeholders to craft tailored safety plans for each school, addressing their specific needs and challenges head-on.

“I will make advancements in equipment and services using current funding along with short and long-term planning to have the least impact on taxpayers,” Wagner noted. “As law enforcement practices and our communities are ever-changing, I will look towards the long-term to plan, budget, and implement equipment and services that will best address needs and safety while being accountable to the taxpayers.”

Wagner says he will work to improve communication with citizens, emergency communication, and communication with other emergency services. “I will host an annual meet and greet where citizens can hear updates, ask questions, and voice any concerns,” he explained. “I will work diligently to ensure that our dispatch center is provided with reliable equipment to handle any type of emergency. Finally, I will work collaboratively with emergency services to train together and make decisions together, which impact the safety of our communities.”

Updates and additional information can be found by visiting Wagner’s Facebook page, Wagner4Sheriff. His website, www.wagner4sheriff.com, also has more in-depth information regarding his plan. He can also be reached by email at paul@wagner4sheriff.com or by phone at 563-217-1889.