Letter to the Editor: Submitted by Herb Larkin

To the Editor:

As an opinionated octogenarian (Google it) I grew up with penny postcards and three-cent stamps, World Books, Britannica, Webster unabridged dictionary, crank phones that hung on the wall, and hand milkers. The post office has now raised stamp prices three times in the past twelve months.

What has happened to the RFD? The “F” is for free. With all the competitive services available, there is nothing cheap about the USPS. Maybe they need to hire more help, since the new Postmaster General (De Joy) had so many sorter machines completely destroyed.

In days of Pony Express, our legislatures were made up of old, white-haired white guys who sat around and figured out how to control the women who were home following the team of horses or oxen pulling the plow, besides bearing and caring for the children, feeding the livestock, tending the garden and chicken houses, while the men in suits on their days off had to busy themselves with hunting or fishing to supply their families with meat or fish for the winter. Preserving the catch was, of course, up to the women, because the men had to get back to their jobs. It was high time for them to give the women the right to vote and later to hold office. Now they are talking about taking those rights away.

On a different subject, what a great letter Suzy had in the April 14 edition of The Standard. It is better to read word for word any contract before you sign, if you wish to be “fair”ly treated. You must also read between the lines to know what they deliberately left out. I did not suppose any entity “working for the kids” would not be of a mind to treat them “fair”ly. Seems just like taking candy from a baby. Saturday night I watched American Greed and wondered who in this county would benefit from a “fair” deal.

I have hit on several subjects without continuity, but in the interest of survival of publications such as this, it would be beneficial to have more folks get involved in sharing their stories.

As a final note, I must compliment the new speaker, who after sputtering and stalling for the last several months, was finally able, in two or three days, to grow up to be a man with a backbone.


Herb Larkin