River Days: Stories from the Mississippi Released by Robert Wolf and Free River Press

New York, NY – Oct. 15, 2005 — River Days: Stories from the Mississippi, the latest book from Robert Wolf and the Free River Press, chronicles life along the Mississippi as told by the locals who’ve lived in river towns for generations. Developed in a writers’ workshop in Lansing led by Wolf, the book conjures up images of life on the river during the last century. Contributing authors include members of well-known fishing families and two of the region’s distinguished towboat captains.

With this book, Robert Wolf and Free River Press continue their tradition of getting everyday folk into writing workshops to document their lives and work. In 1991 it was Voices from the Land, a slim volume of writings by Iowa farm families that sold nationwide. In 1995 it was Heartland Portrait, a compendium of five smaller volumes by Midwestern farmers and small town residents, depicting rural Midwest life, past and present. Theirs is a vanishing America.

On River Days: Stories from the Mississippi. Wolf says, “It’s a companion volume to Voices from the Land. Voices focused on this region’s connection to the earth, River Days is focused on their connection to the most important of all American rivers – the Mississippi. It’s a national icon.”

On Thursday, October 20th at 7:00 PM, Robert Wolf and six of the contributing authors will read from River Days at the Pump House in La Crosse. The program begins a 7:00 PM.

Stories include Towboat Days, The Midnight Watch Change. Night Seining, River Traditions, River Towns, Winter Seine Haul, The Storm of the Century, Night of Fright on the Mississippi.

Wolf facilitates writing workshops that make everyday people story tellers. Their stories become part of the series of regional anthologies such as River Days. Eventually, the stories will be woven together as a collective autobiography of America. To schedule a writing workshop or a talk with Robert Wolf, contact Robert Wolf at Free River Press or call 563-568-1009.